Roldós History Cronology




Recognized advertising agent, Rafael Roldós Viñolas, established the center of Roldós and company ads in 1872. Located in Escudellers Street, Barcelona, soon becomes one of the most important agencies in the country.



"Las Noticias"

1896 -1939

In 1896, with the purpose of supporting the increased advertising demand, Roldós pioneer founded Las Noticias, a major newspaper that is published until the end of the Spanish Civil War, in 1939.

"Empresa Española Roldós Tiroleses"

1929 - 1932

In 1929 Roldós agency starring together with Tiroleses S. L., Helios, Prado Tello, agency Reyes and General Society of ads from Spain the first fusion of advertising agencies produced in Spain. From this union was born Roldós-Tiroleses, S.A. of advertising.

"Roldós Gispert"


1933 - 1939

After the dissolution of “Roldós-Tiroleses, S.A. of advertising” is created, in 1933, the alliance Roldós-Gispert, S.A., which is maintained until 1939. The successes harvested behind his career to become one of the most famous Spanish advertising agencies.

Media Planning


From the 1990s, the agency specializes in the media planning, providing coverage throughout the national territory. Also to correspond to the loyalty and customer neds, remains in charge of the processing announcements.



In 21st century, to adapt Agency services to the changes of the environment is a must. The experience and professionalism of the team together with customer trust, makes Roldós to become the active oldest Agency in the world.