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En Roldós contamos con la experiencia de más de 140 años de historia y una atención cercana y a medida en cada caso. Ofrecemos soluciones de Marketing y Comunicación para los cambios que pueda requerir tu negocio en los tiempos que corren, pruébanos sin compromiso y quedarás satisfecho.


Television Advertising

Television is the communication media that provide us with a better reach and coverage allowing us a better geographical and sociological segmentation due to the large number of disconnections and number of specific channels for each target. Appearing on television is synonymous with credibility, reputation and thanks to its multimedia features, it allows us to convey the qualities of our products and services with great relevance.

  • It’s the media that gives us greater coverage in the shortest possible time

  • Provides high reputation and credibility to the advertiser

  • Audiovisual message at captive moment-         

  • High frequency of impacts

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